Atlanta Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

The sport of dragon boat racing dates back 2,000 years. Since 1976, when Hong Kong introduced the world’s first international races, dragon boat racing has grown in popularity, with clubs and associations forming in countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America and competitions taking place in cities around the world.

The Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival is one of the largest in the Southeast, showcasing over 70 teams and drawing more than 5,000 participants and spectators. The all-day event includes boat races, cultural performances, and Asian foods.

How to join the NAAAP Atlanta Dragon Boat Team

NAAAP Atlanta will also be taking part in the Dragon Boat races with our own team! Our team is the reigning first place division champions for the past three years. To be eligible to join the NAAAP Atlanta Dragon Boat team, you’d need to be a NAAAP Atlanta Member in good standing.


Please READ all the details before committing to the team:

  • All paddlers MUST attend race day in its entirety
  • All paddlers MUST attend at least 6 practices to paddle on race day
  • All paddlers must sign a waiver prior to race day
  • All paddlers will be given a team jersey
  • Participation fee is included with a current NAAAP Atlanta membership

Sign up for the Dragon Boat team is on a first come first serve basis. Preference will be given to NAAAP members who have actively committed to practice.

There is only space for 40 team members. Additional people will be added to a wait list.

To learn more about NAAAP Atlanta Dragon Boat Team, please feel free to reach out to Atlanta Leadership Team at